What to do if Upright Freezer can't be cooled

Take a look at the thermostat from Upright Freezer. The freezer temperature regulator is installed in the Upright Freezer, and the temperature does not reach the temperature required by the temperature regulator. If the compressor does not shut down day and night, the freezer will cause the extreme refrigerant temperature of the refrigerant. Most of this phenomenon occurs in air-cooled refrigerator compartment refrigerators. Because the evaporator defroster of the refrigerator compartment is broken, the ice is blocked. The cooling fan is broken, or there are too many things in the freezer, the outlet is blocked, and the reason for the poor cooling effect cannot be ruled out.

You can verify whether the power connection is correct, check whether the lights in the freezer are normal, or you can further test with an electric pen. If the power connection is normal, you can monitor whether the compressor is working properly. The compressor makes a slight motor vibration during normal operation. The high-pressure output buffer pipe in the compressor is damaged or the screw fixing this pipe is loose. The high-pressure pipe does not discharge air, and the low-pressure pipe does not suck air. Therefore, the compressor works but cannot be cooled.

The compressor is working normally, you can check whether the refrigerant is used up in the cooling system. After the freezer runs for about 3-5 minutes, the power supply can be cut off and you can hear the sound of water flow. If there is no sound. Indicates that the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is exhausted or leaking. The compressor may lose its working capacity.

Solution: If there is a system leak, usually find the leaking part of the system, weld, pressure test, and add the refrigerant to a certain amount within an appropriate time to make the evaporator frost or the freezer to reach the rated temperature.