If I really want to have a low temperature upright cooler, what can I do?

If I really want to have a low temperature upright cooler , what can I do?
In the hot summer, is it not a great thing to have a sip of an cool drink? This needs the help of a refrigerator. Here comes the problem, many people will feel that it is not cold enough. I want have a low temperature cooler, what can I do?
Is it true that cooler cooling is better?
Apex as a professional manufacturer in refrigeration equipment, we will recommend a most suitable upright cooler  according to your real requirement and considering multiple factors such as cooler products, ambient temperature and application etc.
01 Product

02 Ambient temperature and humidness

03 Application

Lower temperatures are not necessarily better. 
Different products have different recommended temperatures, so as to maximize the quality or taste of the food to achieve the best results. The following are recommended storage ranges for different products.

In addition to the above reference temperature ranges, we can divide conventional refrigerated products into three categories:

 If you pursue of low temperature(-5~5) blindly, may bring the following problems:
  1. Serious condensation problems may occur
  2. The compressor works for a long time and the energy consumption is high
  3. There is a risk of freezing and popping bottles when storing beverages in glass bottles

If you do really want to have a low temperature cooler, please contact us. Our professional technical team and sales team will provide you a most suitable solution!