What is the difference between Upright Freezer and refrigerator?

The function of the refrigerator is to keep fresh, the function of the freezer is to freeze, and the refrigerated-freezer conversion cabinet can keep fresh and quick freeze. The temperature of Upright Freezer is -16℃——-26℃. It is used for quick-frozen food, cold drinks and long-term meat. It can be stored in Upright Freezer for a long time. The water in Upright Freezer food is easy to condense into frost. It must be defrosted to a certain extent. The temperature of the refrigerator is 2°C -10°C, so that it will not frostbite the food but also has a fresh-keeping effect. You can put some fruits, vegetables, beer and drinks.

Upright Freezer is a low-temperature refrigeration and freezing equipment for deep freezing. Usually called a freezer etc. Upright Freezer has many uses, from the food industry to the medical industry, etc., can be used. According to different use environment and use effect requirements, the cooling space of Upright Freezer is from -45℃ to 0℃, each has its own interval. Vaporization absorbs heat and liquefaction exotherms.

The Upright Freezer uses a compressor to compress gaseous Freon into high temperature and high pressure gaseous Freon, and then sends it to the condenser to dissipate heat and become liquid Freon at room temperature and high pressure, so the condenser blows out hot air. Then it goes to the capillary and enters the evaporator. After the freon reaches the evaporator from the capillary, the space suddenly increases and the pressure decreases. The liquid freon will vaporize and become gaseous low-temperature freon, which absorbs a lot of heat, and the evaporator will change Cold, using refrigeration or air cooling to achieve cooling in the room (box).