what is a flower refrigerator?

          The right refrigerator is vital in the success of your floral business. Customers look for quality and freshness in their bouquets and a floral refriqerator will help you accomplish this. You may think you can simply use a standard commercial refrigerator for your cold flower storage. This is actually not the case. Flowers need high humidity and gentle airflow to remain fresh and beautiful. The average commercial cooler actually creates low humidity because most food items remain the freshest in this type of environment. In addition, rapid air movement helps maintain low humidity in most commercial coolers and this fast air flow can easily hasten the dehydration of your flowers and cause inventory loss.
        what is a flower refrigerator?
        It is mainly used to keep flowers fresh, the main purpose of using the freshness cabinet is to reduce the loss of moisture and extend the freshness period of flowers. The main characteristics of the fresh flower cabinet is the appearance of the more beautiful, can be cooled, adjust the temperature, humidity, and wind direction.
       If the way to divide according to the placement can be divided into upright and horizontal.
1. air-cooled freshness cabinet efficacy is somewhat similar to our home air conditioning, mainly by Wind refrigeration to play the effect of preservation, the wall cabinet will not freeze, the effect of temperature control is very good. The only drawback is that the power consumption is relatively large, the cost of electricity is relatively high.
2.straight cold fresh cabinet is more like the store inside the freezer, in the use of the cabinet wall above the situation is easy to frost, in the south of the humid weather is easy to fog. The straight cooling type fresh cabinet is only suitable for placing loose flowers, not for putting finished flowers.
3. upright fresh cabinet is the most used in the market a flower preservation cabinet. It has a wide glass sliding door and glass side panel design. The whole cabinet looks bright and transparent, plus the lighting support, the effect of displaying flowers is very good, you can show the advantages of flowers to customers, so that customers have the desire to place an order to buy flowers. This kind of freshness cabinet is the best choice for florists to store, sell and display flowers.

4.The advantage of the horizontal preservation cabinet is that you can place a lot of flowers, this kind of preservation cabinet can not be used as a display. When placing the flower materials need to pay attention to the fragile part of the branch to be placed on top, so as not to damage the flowers.