Understanding the performance of commercial display freezer

1. The basic requirements for the refrigeration system of the commercial display freezer: compressor (heart): seal each nozzle before use, pull out the rubber plug when used; condenser: paste; filter drier: dry filtration, sealed before use, ready for use Unpacking; capillary tube: flow, pressure drop; evaporator: paste; pipeline: the pipeline does not touch, the inside of the tube is clean, and each welding point does not leak; comprehensive testing of refrigeration performance, electrical performance, and noise testing.

2. The basic requirements of the commercial display freezer thermal insulation system: the foaming quality of the commercial display freezer and door body: appearance, size, foam density, freezing test. Door seal: appearance, size, welding performance, suction and elastic compensation. Commercial display freezer and door seal assembly: there is no gap, the door seal has a certain width on the steel plate, and the door opens with a certain force.

3. The basic requirements of the commercial display freezer temperature control system: thermostat inspection, hot and cold temperature points, and consistency. Fixing of temperature sensing tube: positioning size, consistency. Lighting: Lights up when the door is opened, and goes off when the door is closed, durability.