The deli display case should be sanitary and it is best to disinfect regularly

         The deli display case is a necessary refrigerated display equipment for the deli. Although it has the function of refrigerating and keeping fresh, it still cannot completely kill the bacteria. Therefore, the deli display case needs to be disinfected regularly, otherwise it may cause food safety problems.
        The refrigeration and freezing of deli display case are actually two concepts. Freezing refers to lowering the temperature to solidify and freeze objects, which is also called "refrigeration". Refrigeration is a method of preserving food under refrigeration temperature (usually above the freezing point) after cooling, especially for fruits and vegetables, mainly to delay their life metabolism process as much as possible and maintain their freshness.
       deli display case
        In the cooked food display cabinet, the best temperature for storing cooked food is about 2~8 degrees, because the reproduction speed of microorganisms in this environment will be inhibited to a certain extent, but some bacteria are more psychrophilic, just like yeah Ersenia, Listeria, etc. can grow and multiply rapidly at this temperature, so if you eat such infected food, it will cause intestinal diseases. The temperature of the freezer compartment in the deli display case is generally around minus 18°C. At this temperature, general bacteria can be inhibited or killed, so the food stored in it has a better preservation effect. But freezing does not mean that it can be completely sterilized, because there may be some bacteria with strong anti-freezing ability that will survive. In this case, we must disinfect, so as to ensure that consumers will not eat this kind of cooked food. Infected by bacteria.

        Because the low temperature of the deli display case can only inhibit the growth of bacteria and prolong the preservation time of the cooked food, in order to ensure the safety and sanitation of the food, the deli display case must regularly clean the internal cooked food residue and then disinfect it. In this way, food safety problems can be avoided to the greatest extent.