Matters needing attention when using glass door freezer display cabinet fridge

Freezer display cabinets are available in vertical and horizontal styles. Consumers can choose different styles according to different needs. Generally in supermarkets, glass door freeze display cabinets are generally used to store meat, dumplings, dumplings, buns and other products that need to be frozen. This is not only convenient for consumers to choose and buy, but also to maintain the freshness of frozen products. The horizontal freezer is also used to store meat, dumplings, dumplings, dumplings and other products that need to be frozen. Because these consumer products are large and occupy a lot of volume, and more consumers buy these products, horizontal refrigerators are more convenient for consumers to choose.

In the daily use of glass door freezer display cabinet fridge, some problems need attention. Do not open the door of glass door freezer for a long time. Because the freezer is opened, a lot of hot air from the outside will run in, and the cold air in the freezer display will run out, which will form air convection, so that the products inside will not be able to keep freshness. The hot air entering the glass door freezer display case freezes when it is cold. Opening the door of the glass door freezing display cabinet for a long time, it is easy to build thick ice cubes in the refrigerator.

Things to note when using:
1. Clean the refrigerator before use
Before using the freezer, wipe the shelf and the cabinet clean, and do the cleaning work every day. The safety of the food industry is the first element. When using glass door freezer display cabinets, pay attention to cleaning up garbage. Don't pile up too much garbage in the glass door freezer display cabinet, and clean up the generated garbage in time.

2.Keep ingredients cold and sealed before putting them in the freezer
Allow food to cool to room temperature and cover it with a display tray or plastic wrap before placing it in the freezer. This not only avoids frost and humidity problems in glass door refrigerators, but also avoids contamination of food by customers accidentally touching it. Do not block the air vent when placing food, otherwise the cooling effect is not good.

3. The freezer must be operated at night
Commercial refrigerators are the same as domestic refrigerators. After the temperature reaches a certain range, the compressor will stop running; when the temperature rises, the compressor will automatically start cooling. During the operation of the store, do not close the freezer when the door is closed to save power. Not only does the food not be stored well, it also reduces the life of the freezer.

4. Be familiar with the operating instructions of the freezer
When the refrigerator freezes occasionally, it can be reset after the power is turned off for a period of time. Different foods have different temperature requirements, and different temperatures can be set for the refrigerator according to the type of food. Classified storage, professional health.

This is what APEX explained about the matters needing attention when using glass door freezer display cabinets. Do you know?