How to choose ice cream display fridge correctly

        The principle of ice cream display fridge refrigeration is to use cold air to blow out, so that the cold air can evenly cover every corner of the cabinet, so as to achieve the freezing effect of the product. The ice cream display fridge mainly stores ice cream food and displays the function of selling. The temperature is normally set between -16 and -18 degrees.

        Although the ice cream display fridge is similar to other ordinary refrigerators, the upper part of the display cabinet is made of glass, so it is more prominent, because this not only allows customers to clearly see the ice cream inside, and choose their favorite flavors, but also at the same time The ice cream can also be stored at low temperature to maintain the texture of the ice cream.

        Whether for ice cream shops or ice cream factories, ice cream display fridge is indispensable. But how to choose a high-quality and suitable ice cream display fridge? Three points are briefly described below.
 ice cream display fridge
        1. The machine itself
        When buying an ice cream display fridge, there are three factors that must be considered:
        Ice cream display fridge configuration: The machine configuration of ice cream display fridge (such as compressor, motor, condenser, etc.) must be able to ensure the durability of the machine.

        Ice cream display fridge storage environment: The environment where the display cabinet is placed is also very important. If the temperature of the environment where the store is located is high, then you should choose a high-temperature display cabinet.

        The internal temperature of the ice cream display fridge: The display cabinet is used to store the display ice cream, so its storage temperature is set between -16 and -18 degrees, and when choosing a display cabinet that meets the requirements, make sure it It can maintain the taste and shape of ice cream.
         2. Machine design (size, color, trademark, etc.)
         The ice cream display fridge must not only allow customers to clearly see the ice cream stored inside, but also see the beauty of the exterior. If it can be harmoniously matched with the surrounding food, it will be more attractive to customers, but this requires a design for the display cabinet. Requested. The size of the display cabinet depends on the area of ​​the store.
         Three, energy saving
         Because the ice cream display fridge needs to operate for a long time, energy saving has become one of the factors affecting the selection of display cabinets.