How about a upright cooler?

Consumers who buy upright cooler cannot be tempted by the gorgeous appearance. Function, performance is the most important. The current vertical cooler is not a food refrigerator in the traditional sense, but the core function is to keep fresh. The second is to observe the freezing force of the vertical cooler. The food stored in the refrigerator must keep the air clean and fresh, so the cooling effect is one of the test indicators.
Determine whether the cooling effect is normal. Mainly check the temperature of the cabinet, so if the temperature of the vertical cooler meets the requirements of the specification, the vertical cooler is normal.
1. There is no part of the evaporation tube in the manufacturing process of the vertical cooler, so the part here may not be frosted. The temperature in the cabinet is transferred in stages. After working for a period of time, the temperature difference in the equilibrium state is not large, so there is no part The frost or frosted part is used as a criterion for judging the cooling effect of the vertical cooler. It is also important that the user is familiar with the correct use of the vertical cooler.
2. Consumers who buy upright cooler also care about an index. That is energy consumption. The purchased freezer consumes more electricity, which will not only waste resources, but also increase the burden on consumers' electricity bills.
3. Choose the volume of the vertical cooler according to the actual situation of consumers, not the bigger the better, but the practicality is the most important.

Vertical cooler option steps:
1. Just like choosing other products, you must shop around. Only by comparing which vertical cooler can you know which vertical cooler is best for you.
2. Confirm the quality of the door seal of the vertical cooler. The quality of the door seal will affect the power consumption and heat preservation effect of the vertical cooler, and the service life of the refrigeration compressor.
3. It is also a very important reference factor to examine the preservation effect of upright cooler.
4. Brand selection: usually an expression of product quality and reliability. Wise consumers according to their needs, the brand reflects the comprehensive level of an enterprise.
Choose the vertical cooler from the perspective of cost performance. Low energy consumption, environmental protection, and economical. In addition to the one-time investment of thousands of yuan when purchasing the vertical cooler. This is mainly electricity and maintenance costs. Consumers must fully consider both before buying.