Commercial refrigerator

Commercial refrigerator freezer - development history
Commercial refrigerator is a product of the market economy, with the development and growth of major beverage, ice cream, frozen food manufacturers market scale continues to expand, the product form gradually subdivided. Initially, the market generally used insulation boxes to maintain the temperature of the items, and later with the emergence of cold cabinets, the use of ordinary foam door freezer storage drinks, ice products for supermarkets, street stalls and other sales, the rapid development of FMCG products led to the development of commercial freezers listed, due to the display of more intuitive, more professional storage temperature, the use of more convenient, commercial freezers market scale is rapidly expanding.
Commercial refrigerator freezer - use crowd
Convenience store owners, cold drink shop vendors, supermarket salesmen, Internet cafe operators, hotel kitchens, cinemas, etc.
Commercial refrigerator freezer - product classification
Commercial freezers are generally divided into commercial refrigerators (also known as beverage cabinets), commercial freezers (also known as cold food cabinets), two categories, the volume from 20L to 1600L ranging. Among them, commercial refrigerator cabinet temperature in 0-10 degrees, widely used in a variety of drinks, dairy products and fruit, flowers and other storage sales.
Commercial freezer cabinet temperature is generally below -15 degrees, mainly used for ice cream, frozen dumplings, dumplings, frozen meat storage sales. According to the structure form and industry use habit is divided into horizontal ice cream cabinet, island frozen food cabinet, vertical commercial freezer, desktop cabinet, playing ball cabinet.