APEX In The 135th Canton Fair

On May 5th, the 135th Canton Fair, which lasted for 15 days, came to an end in Guangzhou. Known as the "China's First Exhibition", This event attracted over 200,000 overseas buyers from over 200 countries and regions to participate offline.


As an "old friend" of the Canton Fair, APEX brought best-selling styles, innovative categories, and commercial refrigeration display equipment to meet the diverse customization needs of global customers. Not only did we receive a group of our old customers, but also developed many new customers from Middle Eastern, Africa and Southeast Asia.


"The Canton Fair this time had a pretty good effect, and we also gained a lot of new things by meeting new faces," said Eric, the manager of APEX.


APEX has always attached great importance to the Canton Fair. The products exhibited this time include: Slim Upright Beverage Display Refrigerators, Double Door Refrigerators, Double Door Refrigerated Display Cabinets, Supermarket Coolers, Mini Bar, etc.


In terms of technological innovation, APEX showed a double door commercial refrigeration equipment without a central pillar for the first time.


In addition, APEX also designed interactive exhibition products——Walk-in Chiller Display Cold Room. In the exhibition area, buyers can see the materials of cold room panels and experience the opening and closing operations of cold room equipment on site. Many buyers expressed great interest in this after immersing in and wanted to know more about Walk-in Chiller Display Cold Room.


APEX focuses on the export trade of commercial refrigeration equipment, serving beverage, food, and catering equipment brands in more than 20 countries worldwide, such as Pepsi, Danone, InBev, and others. With a dedicated craftsmanship spirit, professional industry knowledge, and excellent supply chain system, we are committed to building a world-renowned Chinese refrigeration brand, providing innovative wisdom and excellent solutions for the refrigeration and retail industry.