APEX Commercial supermarket display freezers

Commercial supermarket display fridges refer to freezer or cooler that are exclusively used for the storage, display of ice cream, beverages, dairy products, quick-frozen foods, and food materials in commercial business channels such as supermarkets, cold drink shops, frozen stores, and hotel restaurants etc. Commercial refrigerators have a strong professionalism, not only have professional storage temperature requirements, but also strong requirements for display. Good display refrigerators can effectively promote sales, so a typical feature of commercial refrigerators is with single-layer or multi-layer transparent glass doors, consumers can see the contents without opening the door.
product category
1. According to the refrigeration temperature, it can be divided into commercial freezer and commercial cooler, with volumes ranging from 20L to 1600L.
Commercial refrigerator: The temperature in the cabinet is 0-10 degrees, which is widely used for the storage of various beverages, dairy products, fruits, flowers, etc.
Commercial freezer: The temperature in the freezer is below 0-15 degrees. It is mainly used for the storage of ice cream, dumplings, and meat.

2. According to the way of opening it is divided into:front-opening, top-opening and air curtain.
Vertical cooler: divided into single door, double door, triple door, and multiple door.
Top-open type: can cooler, square cooler.
Air curtain style: including front opening and top opening.

3. According to the structure and usage habits, it is divided into horizontal type, island-type, vertical type, and counter top type cooler.
Horizontal type: the main type of commercial freezer in the Chinese market, with common volumes ranging from 100L to 600L;
Island-type: name island cabinets,are the types of products favored by customers of frozen foods and aquatic operators;
Vertical type: It is larger display area and more intuitive,mainly used for high-end ice cream storage.
Counter top type:  It is small and have lovely appearance,generally used for counter sales in high-end places.
1. Domestic refrigerators use AC 220V / 50Hz power supply. If the power supply conditions do not meet the AC 220V / 50Hz (187-242V), you must install an automatic voltage regulator with more than 1000W for use.
2. Must use independent dedicated socket and reliable grounding. The power cord of the freezer is equipped with a (grounded) plug that conforms to a standard three-wire (grounded) outlet. In any situation,do not cut or remove the third pin of the power cord.
3. It is strictly prohibited to put flammable and explosive dangerous goods and strong corrosive acids and alkalis in the freezer.
  4. Do not use flammable spray near the freezer to avoid fire.
  5. When there is leakage of flammable gas: close the gas leakage valve; open the exhaust device and doors and windows; do not unplug the power plug of the refrigerator;
   6. Keep the keys in a safe place. Do not let children play in the cabinet to prevent accidents.
   7. Once the freezer is disconnected from the power supply, wait five minutes or more before turning it on again to avoid damage to the compressor or the system. During maintenance, the power plug must be unplugged. After the freezer is in place, the plug should be accessible to prevent unplugging the power plug in time if a danger occurs.
  8. If the power cord needs to be extended, the cross-sectional area of the extension cord must not be less than 0.75mm2. If the power cord is damaged,must use a dedicated cord and contact the freezer company's local after-sale service personnel to replace it.
  9. Do not put food in the freezer immediately after the power is turned on. Let the empty cabinet run for a period of time (about 3 hours in summer and about 2 hours in winter), and then store the frozen food in the cabinet.
  10. After the freezer is moved, leave it for more than ten minutes before turning on the power.
  11. Regularly clean the freezer, and unplug the power plug for safe. Regular dust removal of the heat exchanger in the engine room can improve heat exchange efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  12. Mechanical defrosting commercial freezers should be defrosted regularly to prevent the thick frost layer increasing the energy consumption. When defrosting, first transfer the goods, leave it for a while to melt the frost layer, and then use a defrost shovel to remove it. Dont use sharp things to defrost for protect the inner wall.