LGB-240 Commercial Display Refrigerated Check out Counter Cooler Cashier Refrigerator for Beverage

  • Dynamic cooling system, fast cooling and even inside temperature

  • Inside adjustable temperature 2 ~ 8 °C for beverage

  • CFC-free green gas R134a / R600a / R290, no harm to ozone

  • 1 vertical LED light inside the cabinet, full illumination for each layer, excellent for display

  • Self-closing double layers tempered glass door

  • Self-evaporation water tray, user-friendly

  • 4 strong casters with brake, easy move, and stop

This is a 60 inch/150cm tall cooler suitable to be placed at check out counter cooler, cashier, shelf end, restaurant and café for beverage display. 
This beverage merchandiser cooler comes with clear glass door to increase the visibility of inside drinks, furthermore to increase your sales of "grab and go" items like energy drinks and soda, or pre-packaged cakes, sandwiches and salads. All of the products inside the cabinet can be even illuminated by the bright vertical LED strip on the door frame, which always gives your customers a fresh impression and insures them to have a clear view of the drinks.
It provides good product visibility at the same time the short height design make sure it does not block the view for shelf or in store display.  
Check out counter cooler
Model LGB-240
Dimension(W*D*H)mm 596x535x1524
Net volume(L) 209
Gross volume(L) 239
  • Sticker (normal sticker, the glossy metallic sticker with silver elements, EL panel sticker)
  • LED strip around door frame for better attraction (could be red, blue, yellow, green or other special colors)
  • Special colors for door and body frames
  • Carel(Italian brand) digital controller
  • Dynamic cooling system to suit for tropical area (T climate class)
  • Engraved logo on glass door for better promotion

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